Moving Tips

Doug's Hourly Muscle Movers & Packers

Help us make the quickest move possible that will in return save you money.

The faster we move, the more you save, and the sooner you’ll get settled into your new home or facility.

Facilitate your move by following these handy suggestions:

  • Put all items smaller than a microwave in a box.
  • Make sure boxes are taped top and bottom. Please, don’t fold the flaps.
  • Boldly print the room’s name on top of each box. Example: KIT (kitchen) LR (living room).
  • Try to get uniform-sized boxes.
  • Avoid putting items in hallways and doorways.
  • When packing plates and glasses, use packing paper and pack them tightly. Pack plates standing up—not lying flat—with glasses at the top of the box.
  • Leave large pictures and mirrors hanging on walls. We will take care of them.
  • Have all items with cords unplugged, and secure the chords. Remove all lampshades.
  • We start from the time that we arrive. Have all cars removed from driveway area. If you are in an apartment complex, park your car where the truck needs to be the night before. Longer walks take more time and cost money.
  • Please mark any items that need to go on first, last, or not at all. Remember, we do not know what goes and what stays. Please help us by labeling these items.
  • Pets and Kids are great. On moving day, we take more care and time to watch out for pets and children. If possible, please find sitters for your pets and children for their safety, as well as ours. From our experience, this is the best solution.

Please notify the office if packing is required the day before the move. We will bring out more packing material if needed.


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